Marble is capable of showing images of the entire Earth just like Google Earth. Get to know the worldwide cartography and geography thanks to Marble

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Marble is an open code project capable of showing images of the entire planet on demand, as well as images of the moon. It will allow you to choose a position on the globe and observe everything from a satellite, using maps or an atlas.

  This software is ideal to be able to study the Earth. It will be possible to zoom into any point, as well as measuring the distance between two different positions. You will be able to quickly locate any points. What's more, if your locations have a tag it will be possible to expand the information they offer by means of the Wikipedia.

  There are various kinds of maps that are available to see:

  - Topographic map.
- Satellite view map.
- Street map.
- Earth at night.
- Rainfall map.

  Marble includes an intuitive interface and is a lot lighter than Google Earth, so that your computer won't suffer when the application is running. What's more, it is an open source project and therefore, free, so you can now go for a walk around the earth with Marble.
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