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Max Internet Optimizer will help you to improve your computer's settings to browse the Internet much quicker. Download and try Max Internet Optimizer


Improve your Internet speed up to 400%

February 4, 2019
8 / 10

The vast majority of users don't know how to configure their computers to make a more effective use of their Internet connection, wasting in many cases the potential of the service that companies offer.

Start making the most of your connection speed

Max Internet Optimizer can help us to improve our connection, by simply modifying certain parameters of our computer's configuration, managing to remarkably improve the speed with which we browse and download from the Internet. The program completely analyzes our connection, presenting a report about the options that can be modified to benefit us (transmission priorities, buffers, ports,...).

Once analyzed, Max Internet Optimizer will give us the option to change the configuration of all the parameters with a single click, allowing us to go back to the original state of the Internet options on our computer, in case any kind of problem arises.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version analyzes our connection and offers us information, but doesn't allow us to change the settings.
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