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In Mermaid Princess you have to apply makeup to a mermaid to make her look pretty. This child game will delight kids with all its beauty treatments

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Despite all Ariel's complaints, Sebastian left it perfectly clear: under the sea is a very special and cool place to live with loads of parties and fun. But what isn't easy to understand is a mermaid going to the spa, putting makeup on and having her upper lip done. Although it could possibly make sense in the mind of any young kid who this innocent anime game may be aimed at: Mermaid Princess.

Ready for special beauty and fashion session?

In this particular sea bottom, we can visit several places with our mermaid:

  • Spa.
  • Facial treatment.
  • Nail painting.
  • Makeup.
  • Art room.

At the spa, we can apply all sorts of gunk to her face and cleanse it, which turns out to be extremely entertaining. But the funniest part is drying her face with a towel... under the sea. Once in the beauty salon, we can choose from kinds of nail colors and patterns, being able to cut them as sharp glittery claws or with pink rounded tips. When it comes to applying makeup you have to choose the color of the mascara, the kind of eyeliner, the shape of the eyebrows, the lipstick, blusher, eye shadow, contact lenses... In the art room, you'll find a canvas of our favorite mermaid that you can paint and color in however you like.

A very peculiar beauty treatment

The most surprising part of the game is the facial treatment given to our mermaid just after what seems the worst night of her life: eye bags due to a bad hangover, wrinkles on her forehead, loads of zits, the worst eyebrow waxing in history and an upper lip worthy of Charles Chaplin. It's up to you to give her her dignity back but forget about cutting or dying her hair, this mermaid has her limits.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 3.0.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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