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Complete SDK for the Microsoft Surface multi-touch table

July 18, 2018
6 / 10

One of the products of which Microsoft can be proud of is without doubt, the Microsoft Surface multi-touch table. Since it was presented it has only received good reviews, although it isn't supposed to be a product that is going to be on sale. And even though we know from the first moment that is an experiment to interact and learn, the Redmond company has put at the disposal of their developers Microsoft Surface SDK, its own environment.

This environment works on Visual Studio 2008 and XNA Framework to be able to manage all the data that both the code as well as the table itself need to work, in exchange, it includes a very interesting simulator to be able to try our developments without having to have a Surface table available.

The Microsoft Surface table is a kind of interactive table with capacity to recognize what it has on top, the pressure of both fingers as well as products, and with the calculation capacity of a computer, in such a way that Microsoft understands that it is the future of the human-PC interaction, and they are using it to experiment. So with this Microsoft Surface SDK you will be able to start programing applications for this machines that is advanced to its times.

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Antony Peel