Mimitos Virtual Cat Android

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With Mimitos Virtual Cat you'll have a new virtual pet. Take care of Mimitos to win him over and enjoy the minigames you can play in Mimitos Meow! Meow!


A very loving virtual pet

July 14, 2020
7 / 10

Cats know how to get whatever they want. They get all affectionate and we always fall for them. You now have Mimitos Meow! Meow! on your Android. Take care of your new virtual pet.

If you're not allowed to have a cat at home, hide it on your smartphone.

With Mimitos Virtual Cat you'll have a loyal friend on your Android. Mimitos is a very loving cat that, just like any other pet, needs all your care and attention:

  • Feed him.
  • Make sure he has a good time playing.
  • Clean him up.
  • Stroke and tickle him.
  • Put him to sleep so that he's full of energy when he awakes.

Furthermore, you can buy him clothes, customize the house's rooms, receive guests or meet Mimitos' friends. Give him all the attention he needs, because if he gets upset, he won't want to see you until he gets over it.

Enter Mimitos' world by downloading Mimitos Meow! Meow! free for Android and live happily with your pet.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 2.3.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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