Minions Paradise Android


Phil has managed to ruin the holidays of all his minion mates. Help him to amend his error by arranging a real paradise on the island of Minions Paradise

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After working so hard for Gru, the minions deserve their holidays and have decided to all go on a cruise. Unfortunately, clumsy Phil can't keep still and had managed to sink the boat all by himself.

Help Phil to survive his angry mates in Minions Paradise by creating a paradise island that will help them to forget about all the sunbeds, cakes, cocktails and swimming pool that have ended up at the bottom of the sea.

The minions can also have fun on mainland.

How to play Minions Paradise

  • Create leisure areas for the minions so they can have fun playing volleyball, hitting the piñata or drinking cocktails from a coconut.
  • Build a weaponry to make shurikens, grenades, knives and all the dangerous things that these yellow guys like doing.
  • Go fishing with the crocodile and unlock the rest of games to win party points and coins.
  • Arrange parties to keep all the island's dwellers happy.
  • Expand your territory to help all the minions washed ashore to survive the disaster that Phil has caused.

Bob, Stuart and all the other need your help to live the holidays they expected to have under the Mediterranean sun.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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