MirrorGo is a software with which you will be able to control your Android mobile device from your PC and run its applications and videogames in the monitor


Control your Android from the screen of your PC

April 14, 2020
8 / 10

An application like MirrorGo can come in handy whenever we are at home or at work with our computer and at the same time we need to take care of some business in our Android. With it we will improve our productivity, since we can control our smartphone or tablet from the monitor of our PC.

Control your smartphone or tablet in the desktop of your computer

MirrorGo is a software that only asks us to activate the developer debug mode of Android and in turn connect it to the PC through a USB cable. Once activated, we will see the screen of our phone in the computer and we will be able to control it from there with the mouse and keyboard. This means access to its different applications and games.

And its exactly there, in the games section, where we will possibly find the biggest advantage that this software offers. Mostly because we will be able to enjoy them in a big screen and control them with the mouse and keyboard, which diminishes the inaccuracies caused when you control them with a tactile screen.

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María Eugenia Morón

María Eugenia Morón