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MySQL GUI Tools is a graphical user interface for MySQL databases. Download MySQL GUI Tools for free on your computer and comfortably work with databases

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The MySQL database engine is one of the most used worldwide, due to the power that it offers, but it has the small inconvenience of lacking a graphical environment in which to work much quicker and simpler.

  MySQL GUI Tools is a pack of tools created specifically to offer a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for MySQL. This frontend has been developed by the same company that developed the database engine, thus assuring the user total stability in all actions.

  The most important features and functions of MySQL GUI Tools are:

  - MySQL Administrator that allows the user to connect and manage the database.
- MySQL Query Browser, to be able to check all the data without any problem.
- MySQL Migration Toolkit, to be able to prepare the data to migrate it to another version of MySQL.

  All in all, if you need a graphical user interface to control your MySQL databases, the best solution is to download and install the solution offered by its developers, MySQL GUI Tools.
Requirements and additional information:
This program only works on Fedora 5 or above.
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