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MySQL is one of the most popular database management systems focused on web servers. Download MySQL 5.1 on your computer and try out its useful functions


The database aimed at working with web applications

February 11, 2014
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It's more than likely that the majority of websites and services that you use on the Internet work thanks, among others, to a MySQL database. This database system focused on web servers is really popular and supports from the Google services to the majority of personal blogs that exist. MySQL 5.1 is one of the most stable and used versions.

MySQL 5.1 is a multithread and multiuser relational database that has been standardized with regard to the support for the vast majority of CMS together with the well known PHP language. Some of the systems that use MySQL 5.1 are Drupal, phpBB or Wordpress, thanks to its dynamism, versatility and the adaptation capacity and improvement that it has shown with each new version.

As is logical, this database supports all kinds of instructions and SQL operations like searches, modifications and triggers. Furthermore, it offers you complete compatibility with Unicode and it offers ACID compliance when using the InnoDB, BDB and Cluster engines.

So if you want to learn how to control and configure a database that you'll probably use if you focus your career on web development, download and try out MySQL 5.1 on your PC.

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