Apache HTTP Server

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Apache HTTP Server is one of the best web servers at present. Download it right now free of charge and install a web page server on your own computer


Install a powerful web server on your computer

April 30, 2024
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When we browse the Internet, we're really connecting to a computer like our own, that manages the data necessary and sends them as a web page. The software that manages this data is an HTTP server, or web server, and Apache is the most important example of this type of application.

The most popular web server on the Internet

An HTTP server or web server has to fulfill a series of requirements: quick and at the same time sturdy and secure, as optimized as possible, easy-to-use without limiting its power and, above all, it has to comply with the standards.

Apache HTTP Server fulfills all these requirements, additionally, it's freeware (so everyone can adapt it to their own needs) and allows you to add extensions and other add-ons that increase its capacities.

The sturdiest, safest and most customizable server.

This web server, together with the MySQL database and the PHP programming language, have managed to jointly dominate the web server field, each one in its own environment, but all of them helping the general user and professional to make their tasks easier.

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