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Download Cerberus FTP Server and you will have a complete and stable FTP server on your computer. Advanced file transfer thanks to Cerberus FTP Server


Install an FTP server on your computer

April 21, 2021
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One of the most used file transfer systems is FTP (File Transfer Protocol), that is based on a client-server architecture and that can use various security system to encrypt and protect the data.

If we want to convert our computer into an FTP Server, from which we can upload (or download) all kinds of files, we'll have to install a tool like Cerberus FTP Server.

Main features

  • File encryption and protection system.
  • Management of multiple connections and identification of the users.
  • Capacity to resume failed downloads.
  • Option to generate connection statistics.
  • Easy-to-use user-friendly interface.

Furthermore, this program has been developed to use the minimum amount of resource as possible, so it won't be a great load for this system when it is working. If you want to install a totally stable FTP server on your PC, try out Cerberus FTP Server.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version has certain limitations.
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