FTP, Email and Web Servers for Windows

On this long list you'll be able to find all the software you need to work with any kind of server, including FTP servers, from your Windows computer

AppServ 9.3.0 English
AppServ 9.3.0

Excellent software application to install a web server

Exchange Server 2013 English

The perfect solution for corporate email

Simple DNS Plus 9.1.106 English

Create your own DNS server and increase your browsing speed

Mercury/32 4.80 English

Configure an mail server on your PC

Apache HTTP Server 2.4.46 English

Install a powerful web server on your computer

Hermes EMail Server English

Efficient free email server

FileZilla Server 1.6.4 English

Powerful FTP Server that's totally free

Serv-U FTP Server 15.2.3 English
Serv-U FTP Server 15.2.3

Configure a very secure FTP server

RaidenFTPD 2.4.4005 English
RaidenFTPD 2.4.4005

Incredible FTP server for Windows

ArGoSoft Mail Server .NET English
ArGoSoft Mail Server .NET

Easily install an electronic mail server on any computer

Exchange Server 2003 SP2 Service Pack 2 English
Exchange Server 2003 SP2 Service Pack 2

Second great pack of updates for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003

UpRight 1.2.2 English
UpRight 1.2.2

Upload files to Amazon S3

Active Search Engine 3.1.3 English

Install you own Web search engine on your server

Cerberus FTP Server 11.3.5 English

Install an FTP server on your computer