Network Tools for Windows

All the essential tools and utilities to be able to work with computer networks can be found in our category of network software for Windows PCs

TeamViewer 14.0.13880 English
TeamViewer 14.0.13880

One of the best remote access apps for PC

Ammyy Admin 3.7 English

Control any computer remotely

Wifislax 4.12 English
Wifislax 4.12

Distro to audit WiFi networks

Psiphon 136 English
Psiphon 136

Tool to avoid Internet censorship and blockades

NetCut 3.5.4 English
NetCut 3.5.4

Discover intruders on your WiFi network

Hotspot Shield 7.15.0 English

The VPN program to encrypt your connections

SecureCRT 8.3.4 English
SecureCRT 8.3.4

Telnet emulator for the Internet and Intranet with SSH support

Remote Desktop Connection 5.1.2600.2180 English

Access any computer remotely with an up-to-date Windows system

Beini 1.2.5 English
Beini 1.2.5

Get the password of any WiFi network

VPN Gate Client 4.27 English

Free and open-source VPN service

NordVPN English

The best VPN to browse safely and privately

Packet Tracer 7.2 English

Find out how a network behaves

Aircrack-ng 1.2 English

Find out the key of any Wi-Fi connection

Splashtop Remote Desktop English

Control anyother computer remotely

WiFi HotSpot Creator 2.0 English

Turn your computer into a router

Quick'n Easy Web Server Professional 3.3.7 English
Quick'n Easy Web Server Professional 3.3.7

Powerful easy-to-use web server

WiFi Analyzer English
WiFi Analyzer

Program to improve your WiFi signal

Astrill VPN English
Astrill VPN

Browse with a VPN and protect your privacy

IIS Internet Information Services 7.0 English
IIS Internet Information Services 7.0

Manage IIS 7.0 servers remotely and securely

WirelessKeyView 2.05 English

Save Wi-Fi network passwords

Cyberghost VPN English
Cyberghost VPN

Hide your Internet practices behind a VPN

uTorrent 3.5.5 44910 English

Control the download of torrents from your browser

UltraSurf 18.0.4 English
UltraSurf 18.0.4

Browse the Internet anonymously

CRT 6.1.4 English
CRT 6.1.4

Complete terminal emulator to work with Telnet

AppServ 2.6.0 English
AppServ 2.6.0

Excellent software application to install a web server

NetSupport Manager 11.30.2 English

Connect to other devices from your PC

Splashtop Streamer English

Splashtop Remote Desktop server

Charles 4.2.6 English
Charles 4.2.6

HTTP monitor and proxy to keep an eye on your connections

Free Hide IP English
Free Hide IP

Hide your IP address whilst you browse

WinProxy 1.5.3 English
WinProxy 1.5.3

Installing a proxy is easier than ever

AnyDesk 4.0 English
AnyDesk 4.0

Fast, safe and portable remote access

Betternet 3.7.4 English
Betternet 3.7.4

Free VPN to browse the Internet

CommView for WiFi 6.3 English
CommView for WiFi 6.3

Measure your Wi-Fi network's traffic

Your Freedom 20160510-01 English
Your Freedom 20160510-01

Avoid censorship and protect your identity online

Mask Surf Lite 3.6 English
Mask Surf Lite 3.6

Browse the Internet anonymously

Wifiway 3.4 English
Wifiway 3.4

The distro for network auditing

Avast SecureLine VPN 5.0.407 English

Protect your privacy when browsing the Internet

Tether English

Browse the Internet on your PC using your mobile data plan

Easy WiFi Radar 1.0.5 English

Detect Wi-Fi networks and connect to them without complications

Bluesoleil 10.0.497.0 English
Bluesoleil 10.0.497.0

Connect your Bluetooth devices to your computer