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Download RouterPassView and you will be able to find out the passwords of your router as well as your Wi-Fi network. RouterPassView will offer you the data


Discover the router passwords that you have forgotten

June 27, 2024
8 / 10

RouterPassView is a program with which you will have access to the passwords that you have used on your router (whether to access the management area or to use your wireless network), that is rather easy-to-use, and that doesn't require a lot of network and computing knowledge to make the most of.

Find out your router's password

How it works is rather simple, because it is only necessary to select the file that corresponds to the backup of the configuration options of your router or access the management area from Internet Explorer (rather simple).

The interface is rather dull and practically lacks menus and configuration options, due mainly to the application's nature. The program can only work with the most simple models on the market, and it won't be effective if you want to recover the passwords from a professional router.

You will no longer have to worry if you lose your router's password, because you can always resort to a tool like RouterPassView.

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