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NetSpeedMonitor is a tool to monitor the speed of your Internet connection on your PC, both upstream and downstream. Take notice of possible down times


Measure your Internet speed

February 9, 2019
7 / 10

The speed of our Internet connection is a very important piece of information that you can monitor with a tool of the likes of NetSpeedMonitor. It's a simple program for Windows that measures both our upstream and downstream speeds at any moment, which allows us to know if our connection has stopped working appropriately. The information can be viewed from the system bar and it runs in the background so that you can continue working on your tasks.

When you browse the Internet, you can suffer down times and peak times, therefore, it's always a good idea to monitor your speed at all times just in case anything strange were to happen.

Main features of NetSpeedMonitor

  • Choose the measurement unit of your choice.
  • Enable or disable the software at any moment.
  • Generate traffic reports in HTML.

This tool has been around for a long time and is optimized to run on old Windows operating systems such as Vista or XP, however, you can still use it on more modern versions. If you right click on the installer, go to Properties and access the Compatibility tab, you can run it in compatibility mode with previous operating systems. You can then add it to your Windows boot menu for it to start automatically.

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Antony Peel