WinPcap is a pack of libraries designed to capture and transmit network data without having to go through the protocol pile Download WinPcap free on your PC

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WinPcap is a pack of libraries that allows the applications to capture and send small network packages without passing thought the protocols pile. It's a version of the popular libcap API for Unix developed for Windows. Furthermore, it includes other functions like packs to kernel filtering level, support for the capture of remote packs or a networks of statistics engines.

  It is an essential tool to launch many network tools, that already use package capturing and the filtering by WinPcap. Some examples:

  - Network monitors.
- Sniffers.
- Intruder detection systems.
- Protocol analyzer...

  WinPcap includes the API library from Linux for Windows. Its proven efficiency has transformed the application more or less into a standard for the industry, despite being open source and free. It's used in commercial environments and its performance is outstanding. If you still don't have WinPcap you should have a clear idea why you should install it.
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