3.27 WinBox is a control program created for MikroTik routers. Instead of using your browser, just connect and carry out all the settings from your desktop
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WinBox is a complete control and management tool for MikroTik routers. If you any of these devices, it's the solution you need to control your connection, from the bandwidth to your WiFi accesses. It's specifically designed to help you out and make this task much more simple, with easiness always in mind.

As usual with routers, once you've installed the software you can access it with the address indicated by the manufacturer. Once in the management tool, you can do whatever you need to do. If you're used to web configuration consoles for this kind of device, this application will look very familiar from the very first moment as it comes along with a very typical interface with the options on the left-hand side and the settings occupying the rest of the screen.

Main features of WinBox

  • Save the configuration for different accesses.
  • Simple and advanced viewing modes on the interface.
  • Carry out searches amongst the access configurations.
  • Import and export addresses.
  • Delete the cache whenever you want.

Although it sounds obvious, we have to remind you that this software is only valid for users of MikroTik routers. It's totally useless for those of a different brand.

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Antony Peel
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