NetGhost is a tool that establishes the IP parameters for each WLAN that you use. Download NetGhost for free and forget about complex Wi-Fi configurations


Define your IP for each WLAN that you connect to

November 7, 2018
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WLANs (wireless local networks), often known as Wi-Fi networks, are becoming more common every day. And in many cases there are users that connect to more than one of them with their laptop computers. But it may occur that they user may want to use a different IP configuration for each network, for which purpose he/she can use NetGhost.

This small tool, which doesn't require installation, detects the wireless network that the computer has connected to thanks to its SSID (Service Set IDentifier), and automatically applies the IP configurations pre-established by the user for that network.

How does it work?

To configure it you will only have to follow three steps:

  1. Connect to the WLAN.
  2. Configure the IP.
  3. Click on “Store Config”.

NetGhost has only be programmed for that purpose, and due to this it only offers another two options, that are to disconnect the application or exit the program.

Therefore, if you want to save time configuring your IP depending on what wireless networks you use to connect to the Internet, download NetGhost.

Héctor Hernández

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Antony Peel