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Real Hide IP prevents your IP address from being visible whilst you browse on the Internet. Hide your personal details by downloading Real Hide IP


Hide you IP address from prying eyes

September 3, 2018
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When you browse the Internet you are exposed to multiple dangers. Your IP address may be providing third parties with valuable information about you. Anybody with some skill in the computing world will be capable of monitoring your activity and your data thanks to your IP address, thus it is a very good idea to hide it from strangers.

Many websites and cybercriminals use this data to be able to perform their evil deeds. Luckily, Real Hide IP will hide your IP address, guaranteeing full protection in that sense. Thanks to this software you'll be able to browse over the network with total anonymity, maintaining that address hidden and avoiding that anybody can obtain your personal data.

Functions available

  • Assigns false IP addresses from different countries to hide your real IP address.
  • Allows you to browse with a false address whenever you want.
  • Protects your identity against attacks and it wards them off with a false IP.
  • Allows you to access websites, blogs or pages that you have been banned from by hiding the IP.
  • Avoids web-tracking.

Having more security when you work on the Internet is basic if you want to maintain your personal information safe from unwanted lurkers. Real Hide IP is the ideal tool, maintaining your anonymity on the Internet and avoiding being a victim of a computer attack.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version can only be tried out for one day.
  • The trial version only allows you to use USA IP addresses.
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