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No-IP allows you to assign a domain name to the IP of your computer to easily recognize it. Download No-IP and improve the communication with your server


Assign a name to your IP address

October 5, 2017
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If we have a server hosted on our computer, it's necessary for the people that want to connect to it to know our IP address, which has 12 digits and can be somewhat complex to remember. Furthermore, we have to remember that many Internet connection services offer dynamic IPs, which can become a real problem.

Give your IP the name of your choice

With No-IP this will no longer be a problem, because we'll be able to assign a domain name ( to our IP and, due to this, accessing our server will be much easier. Better still, the application can be programmed so that it only works during certain periods of time.

All we'll have to do is register on the program's official website and activate the application whenever we want it to be possible to access our server through the domain name acquired with this service.

If you're looking to improve the communication between any user and your server, download No-IP right now and forget about all your problems.

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