IP Tools for Windows

Obtain information about your IP address, change it or hide it thanks to these IP tools for Windows, with which you'll also be able to scan ports

Real Hide IP English
Real Hide IP

Hide you IP address from prying eyes

Free Hide IP English
Free Hide IP

Hide your IP address whilst you browse

IP Watcher English
IP Watcher

Find out your computer's IP

IPConfig 6.5.4 English
IPConfig 6.5.4

A graphical interface for the command of the same name

NetGhost 0.3 English

Define your IP for each WLAN that you connect to

NetworkMiner 2.4 English

Analyze passively the packets of your local network

Namebench 1.3.1 English
Namebench 1.3.1

Appraise the performance of your DNS

Easy Hide IP 4.7 English

Hide your IP address and your geographic location

Free IP Tools 4.2 English

Solve all your network problems with this complete pack

DNS Jumper 2.1 English

Quick and simple way to change your DNS

Multi Ping 1.0 Build 002 English
Multi Ping 1.0 Build 002

Check the ping of different IPs with one command

Angry IP Scanner 3.8.2 English

Scan both IPs and port ranges

FreePortScanner 3.6 English

Check the status of your computer's ports

Http Proxy Scanner English

Search for HTTP proxy servers

Packetyzer 5.0.0 English
Packetyzer 5.0.0

Packet capturer based on the Ethereal project

No-IP 4.1.1 English
No-IP 4.1.1

Assign a name to your IP address

DNS4Me English

Control your dynamic IP with this program

Hide IP 4.2 English
Hide IP 4.2

Maintaining your privacy is very simple with this program

Find MAC Address 21.03 English

A simple way to find out MAC addresses

Bobup Scanner 2.1.9 English

LAN network scanner

NMapWin 1.3.1 English
NMapWin 1.3.1

Assess your network security by scanning ports

IPGet 1.51 English
IPGet 1.51

Find out the IP of you Messenger contacts

PeerBlock 1.2 English

Block all IPs from accessing your computer

UpdateIP 1.6 English

Automatically update your webs with your current IP

Advanced IP Scanner 2.5.3784 English

Analyze the computers connected to your local network

DNSDataView 1.56 English

Find out the data of any DNS that we want

Dynamic DNS Client 2.02 .NET Lite English
Dynamic DNS Client 2.02 .NET Lite

Manage to always keep fixed DNS

TCP-Z English

Eliminate the TCP/IP connection limit in Windows 7 and Vista

bitsoft ShowIP English
bitsoft ShowIP

A free application that shows you your IP address

DynSite 1.13 English
DynSite 1.13

Automatically updates your dynamic IP, very useful for dynamic Internet connections

VisualRoute Business Edition 2010 14.0L English
VisualRoute Business Edition 2010 14.0L

Network diagnostics tool

WhatIsMyIP? 2.0 English

Quickly find out your IP address