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Hide your IP changing it for another one with Hide IP. Preserve your privacy on the Internet showing an IP different to your real one by downloading Hide IP


Maintaining your privacy is very simple with this program

September 11, 2018
7 / 10

Would you like to increase your Internet connection's security? Hide IP will allow you to change your IP to increase your security and protect yourself against cybercriminals and all sorts of external attacks. This application works as an automatic process in which all you will have to do is choose the IP that you want to show to totally protect yourself.

Protect your privacy by hiding your IP

Once open, this program acts by modifying your connection so that you connect to the Internet by means of a proxy in England or the USA, thus, when any browsing application accesses the Internet or when someone tries to access your computer, the only thing visible will be an IP connection that is in one of these countries, instead of your own. This is a great advantage because the cybercriminals will attack that IP, and the servers are much more prepared to support attacks from cybercriminals and other dangers than what any ordinary computer can be.

Don't let anyone see the IP you're browsing from.

Furthermore, it can be configured so that some websites aren't accessed by means of the proxy, thus we will be able to access our usual websites with our normal IP and they will be able to identify where we are.

Hide IP remains open in the system tray, working in the background so that you don't have to worry about anything. Even though it does include small configuration options so that its performance is perfect.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version can be tried out for 3 hours.
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