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Easy Hide IP can hide your identity while you browse the Internet by changing your IP address and real location. Download Easy Hide IP to your PC for free


Hide your IP address and your geographic location

June 15, 2018
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With Easy Hide IP you can hide your real IP address and location, a good way to bypass censure or the blocking of specific data traffic set by your Internet provider or the company that you work for...

Using Easy Hide IP you'll be able to protect your identity over the Internet showing an IP address that is different to the one that you are actually using. The same happens with your geographic location: it will seem as if you are accessing from a totally different place.


  • Choose your IP address and geographic location.
  • Access websites that limit the access using this data, like TV channels.
  • Select which applications have to use this software and use the false IP address.
  • Encrypt all the connections.
  • Searches by means of redirected DNS.
  • Without bandwidth limitations.

Hide and encrypt your Internet traffic.

Hidden browsing at all times

Your IP address can be the key used by anyone to access your browsing data, your name and even your address. Thanks to Easy Hide IP you'll be able to protect your online identity.

Easy Hide IP routes all your connections and web traffic towards its servers, that are properly encrypted to safeguard the information. Thus, each time that you access a remote server, it will only be capable of viewing the server data provided by Easy Hide IP and not the original information.

Download Easy Hide IP for free and browse the Internet more securely hiding your identity.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version only allows to use the software during three days.
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