IPConfig is a graphical interface for the MS-DOS command of the same name. Find out all the data about your PC's IP after you download IPConfig for free

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It's rather usual for a moment to arise in which we are required to know the IP of our computer, and one of the easiest ways to find out all the data is to use a command from the terminal, that now thanks to this small application has its own graphical interface: IPConfig.

The data about your computer's IP

With a presentation that is much nicer that the one offered from the command line terminal, IPConfig offers the user access to the following information about his/her computer:

  • Internal and external IP
  • MAC address
  • Computer's name
  • IP address of the DNS Server
  • Network adapter's name
  • Subnetwork mask
  • IP Gateway (Router's IP)
  • Network speed
  • Information about the dynamic configuration of the DNS
  • And much more...

Therefore, if you need to find out the IP information of your computer in a simple manner, and without the complication of using the command line, you can download IPConfig.

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