0.74 Access Linux servers with the help of PuTTY, a free client for Windows that allows you to access via Telnet, Remote Login and SSH. Download PuTTY for free
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When it comes to performing any specific function on a Linux server we will need a client with which we will be able to access via Telnet, Remote Login and SSH (Secure Shell) and TCP raw. PuTTY is a tool totally free of charge with which we will be able to perform this task in an easy way directly from Windows.

The tool to access Linux servers from Windows

Among the features that are worth highlighting of PuTTY (Plutonium TeleTYpe) we will be able to find the storage of hosts, the control over Secure Shell (SSH), support for IPv6, 3DES, AES, RC4, Blowfish or DES, it can also function as an SCP (pscp) and SFTP (psftp) command-line client, redirect SSH ports and emulate the VT102, ECMA-48 and xterm terminals.

Control every single detail about your server from just one application with all the security guarantees of PuTTY, a tool that is practical, simple and free, so download it now!.

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Antony Peel
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