Monect PC Remote


Monect PC Remote for Windows is the program that can be used to sync your PC to your Android to use the latter as a remote control for your computer


Control your PC from your Android

October 2, 2023
7 / 10

Turn your Android device into a remote control thanks to Monect PC Remote. For such purpose, you'll need to install the corresponding application on your smartphone (which you can find here at Malavida) and the Windows client, by means of which you sync both devices.

Take control of your PC from your phone

For such purpose, you'll simply need to have both your computer and your smartphone connected to the same WiFi network. Once connected, you can configure your smartphone to use it as a mouse, wireless keyboard or gamepad to play your favorite video games.

This program offers us the following functions and features:

  • Control games with configurations you've specially designed for them.
  • Control PC programs from your phone such as PowerPoint.
  • Share files such as photos or videos between your mobile device and your computer.
  • Add folders to your PC from your phone.
  • Access your PC by means of a remote desktop on your phone.
  • Control your computer's multimedia playback.
  • Cast photos and videos on your phone to your computer's screen.
  • Play PC games straight from your phone.
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