Remote Control Software for Windows

Connect to any distant computer in order to carry out remote technical assistance using any of these remote control applications for Windows PCs

TeamViewer 15.30.3 English
TeamViewer 15.30.3

One of the best remote access apps for PC

Monect PC Remote 7.5.4 English

Control your PC from your Android

Windows Fingerprint Unlock Module 1.2.0 English

Unlock your PC using your Android's fingerprint sensor

UltraViewer 6.2 English

Use other computers by remote controls

Ammyy Admin 3.7 English

Control any computer remotely

Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.1.1149.0 English

Connect remotely to other PCs and work on them

AnyDesk 7.0.9 English
AnyDesk 7.0.9

Fast, safe and portable remote access

uTorrent 3.5.5 46096 English

Control the download of torrents from your browser

Bluesoleil 10.0.498.0 English
Bluesoleil 10.0.498.0

Connect your Bluetooth devices to your computer

Remote Desktop Connection 5.1.2600.2180 English

Access any computer remotely with an up-to-date Windows system

Chrome Remote Desktop 77.0.3836.0 English

Remote control via Chrome

PsTools 2.45 English
PsTools 2.45

Control remotely any computer that you administer

Citrix Workspace English
Citrix Workspace

Access computers, applications and files remotely

Splashtop Remote Desktop English

Control anyother computer remotely

iTALC 2.0.2 English
iTALC 2.0.2

Remotely control the computers on a network

Bluetooth Remote Control 4.01 English

Remote control for your computer

Air Display Connect 2.1.0 English

Use a second screen as a monitor for your Windows PC

Flutter 0.7.22 English
Flutter 0.7.22

Control iTunes or Spotify with gestures

Remote Computer Manager 6.1.0 English

Control other computer's remotely

Splashtop Streamer English

Splashtop Remote Desktop server

ThinVNC English

Access a remote computer

Radmin English

Work on a remote computer as if it were in front of you

Xming English

Lightweight X Window server

VNC Personal Edition 4.6.3 English
VNC Personal Edition 4.6.3

Access any PC remotely and with no security problems

UltraVNC 1.2.50 English
UltraVNC 1.2.50

Control any PC remotely by means of the Internet

USB Network Gate 8.0.1859 English

Connect USB devices to your PC remotely

Bowtie Remote 1.0 English
Bowtie Remote 1.0

Control music remotely on any mobile device by Apple

Vedivi 2.1.463 English
Vedivi 2.1.463

Control your home PC from any other computer

VNC 6.6.0 English
VNC 6.6.0

Control any computer remotely

DesktopGate 2.51 English

Monitor what your workers do

ThinRDP English

Access a computer remotely using HTML5

EMCO WakeOnLan 2.0.4 English

Wake up any computer on your network

OpenNX English

Remote access and desktop virtualization software

Synergy 1.4.17 English
Synergy 1.4.17

Control several computers with a single mouse and keyboard

CrossLoop 2.82 English
CrossLoop 2.82

The most simple way to share your desktop

Netretina EVO Server 7.0 English
Netretina EVO Server 7.0

Screen sharing utility to help your clients

NoMachine 7.4.1_1 English
NoMachine 7.4.1_1

Like the former NX client, but much more secure

ShowMyPC 3161 English
ShowMyPC 3161

Instant remote access to computers on the Internet

LogMeIn 4.1.8832 English
LogMeIn 4.1.8832

Access any computer remotely from a browser

NTRconnect English

Access any PC or Mac in a remote and secure manner