Use any computer even if you aren't in front of it with UltraVNC. Download UltraVNC for free and get hold of one of the best remote control applications

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Controlling any computer without requiring to be in front of it is an important advance that can be achieved with any VNC or Virtual Network Computing client. Any software similar to UltraVNC is appropriate to be able to control a PC from another that is connected to the Internet as if we were in front of it.

Remote control software to access faraway computers

UltraVNC is fast, stable and very powerful, as well as having a very minimalistic interface that helps us to use it and allow us to work remotely from any PC almost as if we were working directly on it. With this software, we will see the computer's desktop as if we were in front of it.

UltraVNC or uVNC works on many systems and includes in this download both the client and the server, therefore, we only have to install the server on the computers that we want to control. It's even compatible with the UAC or User Account Control incorporated by the latest Windows systems and is capable of controlling both Linux and Mac computers.

Of course, UltraVNC allows us to encrypt the connections and we can download certain drivers that will optimize how it works and to guarantee that the remote connections are as optimal as possible.

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UltraVNC Tips & Tricks

How to configure UltraVNC

UltraVNC lets remote control of any other computer thanks to the remote desktop function. You must know that this tool is made up of two main parts. On the one hand, the server called UltraVNC Server, and on the other hand, the software, known as UltraVNC Viewer. The server must be installed on the computer to be controlled, and the software, on the computer that is going to control and monitor. Therefore, during the installation, choose correctly which of the two functions you want to enable. You must do it by displaying the list and choosing between UltraVNC Server only or UltraVNC Viewer only. In the case of choosing Full Installation, both applications will be installed.


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