Download OpenNX for free, a desktop virtualization and remote access program that intends to substitute another similar product of this type, NoMachine NX


Remote access and desktop virtualization software

November 7, 2018
6 / 10

OpenNX is program developed to replace the desktop virtualization and remote access software NoMachineNX, even though it is also compatible with the original client, thanks to the fact that it uses exactly the same syntax to configure the session. This tool is developed in C++, uses the wxWidgets tool pack, is open source and even better still, it is free.


  • Uses the OpenSC framework, that allows to carry out connections by means of SSH using an authentication system based on SmartCard.
  • Capacity to use different kinds of proxys.
  • Search for session configuration files by means of HTTP.
  • Deactivate the configuration controls by means of reading a single file.
  • Dynamic use of libsmbclient, libcups, libopensc and pulseaudio (no static dependencies).
  • Uses libjpeg-turbo to improve the speed whenever possible.

Download OpenNX for free and take advantage of all the additional features that this program is capable of providing.

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