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Download Netretina to be able to offer technical assistance remotely to your customers. Netretina is a tool that makes it easier to offer technical support


Screen sharing utility to help your clients

January 17, 2012
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Netretina es an application developed for companies and organizations that have to offer remote support or assistance to their customers. It allows you to obtain remote control of the customer's computer without having to previously travel to configure his/her Internet connection, and without their customer even having to be in front of the computer. By means of the Netretina Console tool, it creates two kinds of modules, Netrina Operator, that we will use to communicate with our clients, together with customized client modules, that have our company logo and data, for each of our clients.

Remote desktop software

It works both on a private network as well as on the Internet, making it an ideal tool to be used by the IT Department (Information Technology) of medium or big companies and also Computing Assistance companies.

Netretina emits a quick bidirectional file transfer, including an instant messenger client so that the communication is fluid, being able to use it for videoconferences and VoIP without prior installation. It supports workgroups and it even offers the possibility to assist the users of a website.

It is also ideal to carry out online demonstrations of our products to our clients. Launch scripts remotely with a simple click. It contributes to detailed reports and statistics of all the connections and the relation with the clients. It also offers an interesting incident management system by means of tickets.

The ideal solution to save expenses and increase the productivity of our technical assistance service.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This demo can be used for 21 days and with 3 concurrent operators.
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