NX Client, renamed as NoMachine, allows you to access Unix or Mac computers remotely. Download NoMachine free of charge and connect from any computer

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If you have several computers connected and you need to have quick access to any of them, the best option is to use NX Client, now known as NoMachine.

The fastest remote control software.

The new NoMachine (that includes both NX Client as well as NX Server in the same installation pack) is much easier to use than previous versions. This software has improved security when it comes to carrying out connections. Furthermore, now it's much faster!

Work on any PC as if you were in front of it

It allows you to work with any sort of program or content remotely and on different PCs (Unix or Mac) in a fluid manner. These are some of its possibilities:

  • View multimedia contents and YouTube videos on remote computers.
  • Work collaboratively with other network users.
  • Control different sorts of devices: printers, USB keys, scanners...
  • Capture the screen as a screencast.

Download the latest version of NX Client. NoMachine is the best remote control software you can come across.

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