Thanks to ShowMyPC you can access any computer remotely. Download ShowMyPC for free on your computer and connect to any PC via web by typing in the password

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You've probably needed help to install an application on more than one occasion, or maybe you've had to explain to someone how to do it providing a long list of instructions by Messenger or phone. In these cases, the best option it to use remote desktops.

  ShowMyPC is an easy-to-use application, that without having to install anything, allows you to share your desktop remotely. Thus, being able to operate the computer from a distance, if you have access to the password for that computer, that is generated by the application.

  ShowMyPC's main features are:
- Quick and simple use without installation. You only have to launch the application!
- Use of client-server architecture, where "Show My PC Now" is the server, and "View a Remote PC" refers to the client.
- Screen Sharing and Application Sharing.
- Developed using SSH and VNC standards.
- Appropriate for remote support.
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