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Mask Surf is a tool to protect your anonymity while you are browsing the Internet. Download Mask Surf free and browse as securely as you have ever imagined


Browse the Internet anonymously

May 4, 2020
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We tend to worry about the security of our computer and we use antiviruses and programs to avoid dangerous software. But we pay less attention to another type of security: our anonymity when browsing the Internet. The majority of current web browsers have secure browsing modes, but on some occasions this just isn't enough. Mask Surf is an application that will allow you to browse the Internet with full anonymity.

Protect specific information

Mask Surf Lite avoids anyone from finding out specific data that may place our integrity at risk. For example, Mask Surf hides the IP of your computer, where your computer is located, your operating system and the language that you use.

The application will automatically detect the web browsers that you use and will allow you to decide which ones you want to apply your anonymity to. Once you've stopped browsing the Internet, Mask Surf will guarantee that the trail left behind is completely deleted.

Other interesting functions

  • Masking: you can indicate other operating systems and browsers that are different to those that are really used.
  • Speed: it allows you to activate anonymous transfers the speed of which overcomes a certain limit.
  • We can choose the country that we want the program to show.

Make sure you browse anonymously by downloading Mask Surf for free.

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