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Proxy Switcher is that easiest way to browse anonymously over the Internet. Protect your anonymity when browsing on the Internet thanks to Proxy Switcher


Browse the web anonymously

March 5, 2019
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Using a proxy server can be very useful in certain cases, because on the one hand it allows the user to maintain anonymity when browsing the Internet, while on the other it also allows him/her to access contents that are normally inaccessible due to IP restrictions. And one of the most dynamic proxy servers that exist is Proxy Switcher.

Browse without being observed

When you launch Proxy Switcher the program will analyse the network to be able to detect any proxy servers that it knows of and it will start showing them in different lists depending on their status:

  • Basic. Offers a certain level of anonymity, but doesn't support SSL.
  • Basic SSL. The same as above but including SSL support.
  • Advanced anonymity. With versions for normal websites as well as others with SSL support, that don't show the original IP at all.
  • Private. Require a password to access.
  • Dead. Aren't available at that moment.

As well as connections, Proxy Switcher offers two other very interesting options, that are 'Keep Alive', which will automatically change the proxy if the server being used suddenly dies, and 'Auto Switch' that will change the proxy server user automatically trying always to connect to the fastest option.

Download Proxy Switcher to be able to stop worrying about your private data when you browse the Internet, because your steps will no longer be tracked.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version blocks part of the software's functions and can only be used for 15 days.
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