Proxies for Windows

Browse the Internet anonymously and connect to geographically-restricted websites or webpages blocked by IP thanks to the selection of proxies for Windows

Psiphon 136 English
Psiphon 136

Tool to avoid Internet censorship and blockades

UltraSurf 18.0.4 English
UltraSurf 18.0.4

Browse the Internet anonymously

Charles 4.2.6 English
Charles 4.2.6

HTTP monitor and proxy to keep an eye on your connections

WinProxy 1.5.3 English
WinProxy 1.5.3

Installing a proxy is easier than ever

Mask Surf Lite 3.6 English
Mask Surf Lite 3.6

Browse the Internet anonymously

Your Freedom 20160510-01 English
Your Freedom 20160510-01

Avoid censorship and protect your identity online

MultiProxy 1.2a English

Practical free proxy server

AnalogX Proxy 4.15 English

Share the Internet with various PCs from a single computer

proXPN Basic 2.4.7 English
proXPN Basic 2.4.7

Protect your Internet connection

GPass English

Maintain your anonymity and avoid censorship on the Internet

I2P 0.9.23 English
I2P 0.9.23

Browse the Internet anonymously

Fiddler 4.6.20173 English
Fiddler 4.6.20173

Control and debug your Internet traffic

FreeProxy 4.10.1751 English
FreeProxy 4.10.1751

Manage how the computers on your network share the Internet

WinGate English

The most sophisticated proxy for Windows

AllegroSurf English

Control and share your Internet connection

MyProxy 9.3 English
MyProxy 9.3

Filter adverts and improve the performance of your Internet connection

Proxy Voyager 1.05 English

Keep your anonymity on the Internet

IP Hider 4.95 English
IP Hider 4.95

Browse the Internet with total anonymity

Proxy Vampire English
Proxy Vampire

Search for and analyze proxy servers

Comodo Unite English
Comodo Unite

Create your private virtual network

Surf Anonymous Free English
Surf Anonymous Free

Browse the Internet anonymously

Advanced Onion Router English

Browse the web anonymously with this Tor client

Proxy Switcher Standard 5.11.3 English
Proxy Switcher Standard 5.11.3

Browse the web anonymously