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Access censored contents, avoiding restrictions and firewalls, while you maintain your anonymity on the Internet, hiding your IP, with Your Freedom

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As you can gather from its name, Your Freedom wants the Internet to be a free place where anyone can do whatever the want without censorship, geographical restrictions and, especially, without worrying about any kind of agency monitoring their steps on the network.

Make accessible the unaccessible.

It's a really complete application that, on the one hand, anonymizes our connection, hiding our IP, and on the other, it allows us to connect via VPNs or proxies to webs censored by our ISP or contents that are restricted in our country.

An anti-censorship solution that protects your anonymity

With 39 servers in 10 different countries, Your Freedom has dozens of thousands of users, whether because their governments don't want them to exercise their right to information, because their schools and universities don't want them to be distracted with online games or just because they don't want to leave a trace on the webs they visit.

If that's the case, don't hesitate to try out Your Freedom for Windows.

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