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Browsing with UltraSurf has advantages. Improve your privacy and security on the Internet by downloading UltraSurf and go online without censorship


Browse the Internet anonymously

May 24, 2023
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UltraSurf provides Internet users a way to browse privately and securely, allowing them to even avoid censorship and restrictions that many countries impose to Internet users.

Secure, private and uncensored browsing.

Without any need to be installed, once the application is launched it will show a padlock on the desktop. From this moment onwards, you'll be able to browse anonymously using the UltraSurf engine.

Advantages of using UltraSurf

When you use UltraSurf you can benefit from three key features:

  • Privacy. UltraSurf acts just like a proxy hiding the user's real IP. Thus, your Internet identity is hidden. The possibility to delete the browsing history and the cookies from the application also improves your privacy.
  • Freedom. With UltraSurf it's possible to connect with sites which usually block the IP by geolocation avoiding restrictions.
  • Security. Maximum security in data transfers because the connections take place with end-to-end encryption.

Download UltraSurf for free and enjoy browsing the Internet, without censorship and totally privately.

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