FTP Server 15.2.3

Download Serv-U and install an FTP server on your PC to share files more securely on the Internet. With Serv-U you will have your own FTP server on your PC


Configure a very secure FTP server

July 21, 2021
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Serv-U is a professional solution for users that need to have an FTP file server from which other users can download the files stored. This application provides a secure way to share files on the Internet because it supports the FTPS, HTTPS and SSH protocols.

One of the most simple programs to create FTP file servers

After a simple installation, an assistant will start up to guide the user during the configuration process. The most relevant data to be input are the IP of the computer on which we are installing the program and the name of the FTP domain.

In the following steps, we'll have to decide if we want to create an anonymous account that doesn't require a password to authorize its access to the server and indicate the folder that will be accessed by default. Afterward, if you want to, you will be able to create password-protected access accounts for each user and assign different permissions to each of them.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This is a trial version with certain limitations.
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