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Incredible FTP server for Windows

November 9, 2023
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The FTP protocol (File Transfer Protocol) is one of the most used to send files between a server and a client, thanks to this system multiple users can connect with a single central computer to download multiple files, depending on the access parameters that each user's account has been marked with.

To be able to mount this kind of network, it is necessary to have an application installed that will allow us to use our computer as a server. In many cases these kinds of programs are controlled from the command line terminal, due to the fact that they lack a graphic user interface (GUI), but there are other more modern applications that do include one, like RaidenFTPD.

RaidenFTPD will allow us to mount an FTP server that will use the SSL/TLS over SSH encryption protocol. This server will include all the common file control commands: download, upload, rename, delete, folder control, etc. As well as the latter, the server will allow the user to program the file uploads and to control the number of downloads that each user can have active at a given time.

Therefore, if you need an FTP server to be able to share your files with your friends, download and try RaidenFTP.

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