Databases for Windows

The most complete collection of development software to manage and work with all sorts of databases and collections of data from your Windows computer

Microsoft Access 2016 16.0.9226.2114 English
Microsoft Access 2016 16.0.9226.2114

Office's database application

MySQL 5 7.24 English

The database aimed at working with web applications

Oracle DataBase 18c English
Oracle DataBase 18c

Relational database free of charge

SQL Server 2000 SP4 Service Pack 4 English
SQL Server 2000 SP4 Service Pack 4

Latest update pack for SQL Server 2000

Weka 3.8.3 English
Weka 3.8.3

Data mining software free of charge

MySQL Workbench 8.0.13 English

Design and model your MySQL databases

Wampserver 3.1.7 English
Wampserver 3.1.7

Create a local server on your PC

MySQL 6 .0.11 Alpha English
MySQL 6 .0.11 Alpha

Free efficient system for the management of relational databases

SQL Server 2005 SP2 Service Pack 2 English
SQL Server 2005 SP2 Service Pack 2

Powerful database engine designed by Microsoft

SQL Server 2005 SP1 Service Pack 1 English
SQL Server 2005 SP1 Service Pack 1

First great update pack for Microsoft SQL Server 2005

SQLyog 13.1.1 English
SQLyog 13.1.1

Very practical graphical interface for MySQL

Oracle Application Express 18.2 English

Create web applications with this tool by Oracle

Google Refine 2.5 English

Optimize your databases

MySQL 5 7.24 English
MySQL 5 7.24

The revolution in the database world

SQL Server 2008 Express English

Practical database server

SQL Server 2012 Express English

Excellent platform for database management

SQL Server Management Studio 17.9.1 English

Utility to manage the components of SQL Server 2017

SQL Server 7 SP4 Service Pack 4 English
SQL Server 7 SP4 Service Pack 4

Fourth pack of updates for SQL Server 7

FileMaker Server English
FileMaker Server

Server program to manage FileMaker systems

MySQL GUI Tools 5.0-r17 English

Work with MySQL using a graphical interface

EasyPHP 17.0 English
EasyPHP 17.0

Get hold of your own local server with WAMP

DBF Explorer 1.0 Build 005 English
DBF Explorer 1.0 Build 005

View and edit DBF databases

MDAC 2.8 English

The components necessary to access any database

MariaDB 10.3.11 English
MariaDB 10.3.11

A fast and secure DBMS

SQL Server 2008 SP1 Service Pack 1 English
SQL Server 2008 SP1 Service Pack 1

First update pack for this database management system

AccessFIX 5.122 English
AccessFIX 5.122

Fix corrupted Access files

MDAC 2.61 .7326.6 English
MDAC 2.61 .7326.6

Data Access Components version, appropriate for older versions of Windows

MySQL 4 .1.22 English
MySQL 4 .1.22

One of the best databases for web services

phpMyAdmin 4.8.3 English
phpMyAdmin 4.8.3

Easily work with MySQL databases

SQL Server 2005 Express Edition SP3 English
SQL Server 2005 Express Edition SP3

The free lightweight version of SQL Server 2005

FileMaker Pro English
FileMaker Pro

Create and manage a relational database

TurboDbAdmin 0.1.1 English

Online tool for the management of MySQL databases

Mongotron 1.0.0 Alpha 5 English
Mongotron 1.0.0 Alpha 5

User interface for MongoDB systems

dbForge Studio for MySQL 8.1 Express English

Universal MySQL and MariaDB GUI tool

Data Exchange Wizard English

Import and export information from databases

PostgreSQL 11.2.1 English
PostgreSQL 11.2.1

Interesting alternative to Oracle or MySQL

MDB View 1.0 English

View MDB files without having Access installed on your PC

MDB 2 XML 1.0 Build 002 English
MDB 2 XML 1.0 Build 002

Convert Access files to XML format

SQLBalance for MySQL 3.0.9 English
SQLBalance for MySQL 3.0.9

An application to compare and synchronize different databases

GuildFTPd 0.999.14 English
GuildFTPd 0.999.14

One of the easiest programs to install an FTP server