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PostgreSQL is an alternative to other database management systems like Oracle or MySQL. Download PostreSQL free of charge to manage your own databases


Interesting alternative to Oracle or MySQL

March 2, 2019
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MySQL is, according to the majority of users, one of the best database management systems, but it isn't the only free alternative that we have at our disposal. Another option that is worth considering with regard to managing the operations that are going to be carried out on any database is PostgreSQL, which has a large user community that endorse its development (PostgreSQL Global Development Group).

Database management software

PostgreSQL comes in a very easy-to-use installer. Once launched, a module called Stack Builder is executed, allowing the installation of quite a few additional applications and extensions that are compatible with Drupal, phpBB, ApachePHP, PostGIG,...

Among this management system's most outstanding features we will find its power and reliability, the verification of the referential integrity, native SQL support as well as ODBC, JDBC, C, C++, PHP, Perl, TCL, ECPG, Python and Ruby native programming interfaces, the capacity to carry out a hot database backup (backing up all the information while the database is being used) or the possibility to use indexes, rules and views.

If you want to obtain the maximum performance in the management of your rational databases, download the latest version of PostreSQL for free.

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