NASA World Wind


NASA World Wind is an application to be able to travel around the World from your computer. Download NASA World Wide and view any corner of the world


Travel the world from your PC's desktop

June 8, 2010
8 / 10

NASA World Wind is a program thanks to which you'll be able to get to know Earth without leaving your room, because it offers you the possibility to move freely around the World, being able to zoom in and see each little corner from a bird's view.

NASA's app to explore the Earth

The program presents a globe that you'll easily be able to travel around, being only necessary to use the mouse to carry out any action. Once you've found the location that you want, it will only be necessary to zoom in to the image and see the streets and buildings that form part of the countryside with complete detail.

The interface is really attractive and from it you will have the opportunity to, as well as moving around the world, add data to each zone, with the possibility to view the name in each place and the flag of each country.

Discover Earth like never before, by downloading and installing NASA World Wind on your computer as soon as possible.

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