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Download Nokia Suite for free to connect your Nokia telephone to your PC. Manage your terminal and synchronize its contents with the help of Nokia Suite


Connect your Nokia phone to your PC to synchronize its contents

October 15, 2013
8 / 10

Managing a mobile depends each day more on the applications developed by the manufacturing companies. While the old telephones could only be used to speak and send messages, the new developments implement more options each time, many of these are linked to Internet and the possibilities it offers. If you are a user of a Nokia terminal, the program that you have to use to manage it is Nokia Suite.

A new member of the Nokia family

Nokia has been, for many years, one of the leading companies in what regards to mobile phones, thus they already have a certain level of experience in what regards to the development of software to manage their telephones. Nokia PC Suite was in this sense the first development created by its users, followed by Nokia Ovi Suite. Nevertheless, the growing offer of new terminals and services has motivated the launching of Nokia Suite, a program that offers more possibilities and options.


  • Manage your Nokia terminal from your computer.
  • Update your telephone's operating system.
  • Download all kinds of new applications and games.
  • Update the maps of Ovi Maps, the maps application developed by the Finnish company.
  • Manage all the contents stored on the terminal, like contacts, images and photos, videos and music.

Connect your telephone and computer.

All the management of your Nokia terminal in a single application

By downloading Nokia Suite for free you will have access to a program to connect your Nokia telephone with a computer to allow you to transfer contents between both devices. It is very easy to handle, but if you have any doubt you can always access the help file. On the Nokia Suite website you'll also be able to find forums where the users from all over the world set forth their doubts and obtain answers from other users or from the developers themselves.

Download Nokia Suite for free and control all the contents of your Nokia mobile.

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