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NSVRecorder makes it easier to download the videos that you play via streaming. To have any video on your PC, download NSVRecorder without wasting any time


Download your favorite streaming videos

September 11, 2009
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It is very common to play multimedia contents online, without having to previously download them to our computer. This technique, known as streaming, is very comfortable because it allows us to immediately view the contents that we are interested in.

But, on some occasions, it is interesting to save these contents on our hard drive to be able to view them whenever we want to recover them at a certain time or if we want to view them without using the Internet connection. To do so, there are applications like NSVRecorder.

NSVRecorder is a program capable of saving on our hard drive the contents of audio and video streams of our choice. To do so, all we will have to do is indicate the URL of the file to download.

Main features

  • Video recording in NSV format.
  • Audio recording in NSA format.
  • Simultaneously record various video feeds.
  • Category manager, that helps us keep our files ordered.
  • Capture streaming videos from Winamp.
  • Compatibility with the HTTP and UNSV (AOL Music) protocols.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This is a trial version with limited use.
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