Omnitux is an application that will help the youngest members of the house to learn while they have a good time. Download Omnitux and enjoy simple games

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There isn't much software focused on children, but as time goes by some alternatives appear that, as well as helping the children how to handle a computer, are also very entertaining and educational, like for example Omnitux.

  This software application is a collection of games with which it's very simple for a child to learn the numbers, the differences between objects and the musical instruments.

  It has a very easy-to-use interface, due to the fact that everything can be controlled by means of the enormous icons that it has and, furthermore, it has very bright colors, that are ideal for an application that is focused on children.

  One of the most appealing features of the program is that it's possible to customize the puzzles by means of our own images, only requiring to change a few of the files that are included in the software's installation folder.

  If you were looking for an application for the youngest members of the household, that helps them to learn while they are having a good time, try out Omnitux.
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