PacWriter will help you to improve your typing while you play PacMan. Download PacWriter and practice your skill with the keyboard to avoid the ghosts


Learn how to type with this entertaining game

July 6, 2010
7 / 10

If you thought that PacMan had already suffered all the changes it could, you have to play PacWriter. This game uses the mechanism of the classic game to manage to hook anyone that wants to learn to write with a keyboard with ease.

Learn typewriting in an entertaining manner

The idea is rather simple, the quicker you type, the further away you will maintain the ghosts that are following you. In PacWriter, the control of the character is automatic, but he will encounter a series of color crystals that will transform into letters. The player has to type these letters as quickly as possible. The color of the crystals identifies the amount of letters that they contain, being the easiest of one letter and the most complicated of a total of seven. If we don't type we won't get past and if we don't get past, the ghost will reach us.

Thanks to this game learning to type will be much more entertaining, because the fact of knowing that the ghost is just behind your and that you can't make any mistakes offers an incentive that's much better than many other learning methods. Try it out and dominate your keyboard before the ghosts reach you!

Antony Peel

A Telecommunications Engineer, chance led me to the translation industry, where after a few years, I discovered another side of the world of technology while translating what others were writing about mobile applications and software. That...