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Panda Anti-Rootkit will maintain your computer protected against the threat of any rootkit. Find and eliminate them thanks to Panda Anti-Rootkit for free


Find and eliminate all sorts of rootkits

September 6, 2010
8 / 10

Panda Anti-Rootkit provides a powerful scanner to locate all kinds of viruses and malware that can enter our system as a rootkit. A rootkit is a software application in charge of hiding itself and other programs, thus having as a result of an invisible infection on any PC.

Tool to remove rootkits

Detecting a rootkit is rather complicated, so tools like Panda Anti-Rootkit have to include an automatic updater and a powerful search engine to keep track of the full system.

Once a rootkit has been detected, Panda Anti-Rootkit will make sure of eliminating it completely, as well as deleting the applications it was hiding, the registry entries and any other element that may have been left behind.

The rootkits that Panda Anti-Rootkit manages to eliminate are very dangerous because they are used to install programs that monitor passwords, send adverts or distribute viruses. Thus, as soon as we think that we are infected, we should pass this scan. Nevertheless, launching it periodically will reduce the risk of infection and will keep our data safe.

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