PFrank is an automation tool to modify file names. Download PFrank for free on your computer and save time renaming a whole collection of files on your PC

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To keep your files organized on your hard drive, so that you always find the file that you are looking for, it is essential to use names that are coherent with their contents, as well as storing them by folders. But on many occasions, to manage this it is necessary to rename large quantities of files. If you want an application that will do it automatically for you, you can use PFrank.

  PFrank (Peter's Flexible RenAmiNg Kit) is an application designed to make it easier to change the name of bulk files. This file renaming application has a series of predefined commands and actions that can be chosen and combined in the best way to obtain the desired change to the files names. Thus, it is possible to change letter chains, add suffices and prefices, eliminate certain characters, insert the date, etc.

  What's more, this application includes other features as well as the possibility to rename your files:
- Support to add comments to JPEG images/MP3 audio files.
- Possibility to modify the properties of any file.

  If you need a program to rename you files that is flexible and easy to use, try PFrank.
Requirements and additional information:
Compatible with Windows Vista and above.
Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Peter Frankenberger
Over a year ago
4.8 MB

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