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Upload your photographs to a website

April 17, 2019
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Cataloging a photograph collection is the best way available to be able to find any photograph when it is needed. And one of the best tools available for this purpose is PhotoOnWeb.

The easiest way to catalog photographs

With PhotoOnWeb the creation of a photograph album becomes an especially easy task, because by simply selecting the type of album that you want to create from those available from the software, you will only have to choose the photographs to have finished.

Once the album is created, PhotoOnWeb will allow the user to upload it to Internet. All that will be necessary will be to define the data of the server in the program's options or to choose to upload them directly to the PhotoOnWeb software.

Create an album and comment your photographs

Another of the features that PhotoOnWeb offers is the possibility to add comments to each of the photographs that is added to the album.

Therefore, if you want to create your own photograph album and upload it to Internet, you only have to download PhotoOnWeb.

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