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Photoshop Actions is the website where we can find over 180 actions that can be added to the best image editing software in order to automate our tasks


Hundreds of Photoshop actions to be downloaded for free

August 8, 2019
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When it comes to choosing the best graphical editor and photo enhancement tool on the market, there’s no doubt about it. Everyone agrees that Photoshop is the most complete software for these purposes, although we do have to admit that it comes along with so many functions and possibilities that it can be quite overwhelming. However, once we start getting used to it and we learn how to carry out four or five basic edits, we’ll soon realize that on many occasions we carry out the same tasks recurrently.

And that’s where actions come in. We’re talking about a series of Photoshop tasks and settings that we can save and run time and time again on other images, therefore, automating our workflow and saving us plenty of time when it comes to editing. We can create them ourselves or resort to repositories that make things much easier, as is the case of Photoshop Actions offered by the guys at FixThePhoto.

What can we find in Photoshop Actions?

Well, over 180 different actions, perfectly organized by categories, which we can apply to our pictures to enhance portraits and selfies, modify those aspects of our body that we’re not too happy about, edit photos of special events, restore old photos, and many more possibilities.

Stunning results with easy-to-use actions.

All the actions come along with a short description so that newbies don’t get too lost and, furthermore, they’re all fully customizable and modifiable so that users with more experience can adjust them to their needs. Amongst the actions available, we can find the following that allow us to apply all sorts of effects with just one click:

  • Vintage effect.
  • Sketch effect.
  • Oil effect.
  • Matte effect.
  • Instagram effect.
  • Double exposure effect.
  • Teeth-whitening effect.

Once we’ve downloaded the action of our choice, we simply have to drag the ATN file to our workspace (or load it from the actions menu), select the area or layer of the image depending on the type of effect to be applied and press the play button to let Photoshop does its magic.

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